Talking about sex with your kids... a little help

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Who hasn't dreaded The Conversation with the kids? I have already had it with all three of mine, and it went okay. I just took a deep breath and clinically explained the basics-- because they asked. But that is not to say that I would feel comfortable expounding on all of the secrets of an intimate relationship. Especially mine!!! I kind of operate on a "need to know" basis about explaining sex to my kids. My oldest son, in middle school, knows the most because he has asked the most questions. And because he hears the most at school. My trick is I try not to act embarrassed. I just tell him, "Look, you need to know this," and tell him what it is (i.e., "Mom, what does pleasuring yourself mean?").

But thank you, Ethel, for providing this link. This is a site that guides parents about what to say and when-- and gives a little help about how to do it. I envision having more conversations about sex as my kids get older, and I appreciate the resource.


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