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ovulation calendarI'm working on getting pregnant again (known in the blogs and chat rooms as "TTC" or "trying to conceive"). I'm one of those people who has to have all possible information available to me at all times, and I'm a planner.

I wanted to learn more about my cycle so I could pinpoint that exact date and time I would be most likely to be conception-ready. I read some books (I really liked Taking Charge of Your Fertility) and, armed with this knowledge, started charting.

Charting isn't hard, but it's impossible for busy mamas to keep up with. So, once you have charted a couple of months and you are armed with your facts (how long your luteal phase is and what is the distance from period-to-period), you might want to check out the Ovulation Calendar. It's a handy-dandy piece of software that you update with the date your last period started and all your other facts and figures.

The calendar shows days when you are free to conceive away in varying shades of green, and calculates the expected due date if you were to get pregnant on that green day. It's fun to pretend as if you have control over this stuff, if you're like me and can't help it. Of course, this software is only as good as the information you feed into it, so if you're not informed (through your doctor, books, or however you get knowledgeable about fertility) it's pretty useless.

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