Texas mom's murder conviction overturned

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Texas mother Andrea Yates' capital murder conviction for drowning her children in 2001 was overturned today by an appeals court. Yates' attorneys said that in the original court case a witness mentioned an episode of the TV show "Law & Order" where a woman was found innocent by reason of insanity for drowning her children; it turns out there was no such episode. The defense's appeal cited 19 errors the trial, but the appeals court only needed the false testimony issue to reverse the conviction.

On June 20, 2001 Yates called police to say that she had drowned her five children, ages six months to seven years old in the bathtub. According to testimony, Yates was overwhelmed by motherhood, suffered from post-partum depression, and believed Satan told her to drown her children. Yates was convicted in 2002 for the deaths of three of her children.

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