Where is the Dora clothing for boys?

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My son is pleased as punch. He found a great Dora shirt (on sale) on a recent trip to Kohl's. It pictures his favorite of all possible favorite characters: Dora, Boots and a cool star. OK, so it has ruffles on all the bottom hems. But at least it's not pink!

Why can't the relentless marketers create boy's clothing with Dora's image on it? I get that cousin Diego was added to address just this issue. But it's not Diego that Everett loves: it's Dora. Dora's the hero. And I see nothing wrong with little boys who think little girls are cool. To present the world otherwise would be terrifically sexist. Yet, clothing marketers are evidently stuck in the chauvenist past. Every little boy I know loves Dora. Why can't I buy Dora clothing without having to cut off the ruffles? We have a woman secretary of state. Women CEOs of some of the biggest tech companies. Woman Supreme Court Justices. This is the 21st century. Can't our little boys have little girl heroes?

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