Grieving dad campaigns against bullying

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Dave BerryBritish father John Berry lost his son Dave when bullies at Dave's school pushed him into the river; the boy, who couldn't swim, drowned. Rather than simply sit around and mourn his loss, Berry is teaming with a local businessman to start an initiative aimed at putting a stop to bullying.

The pair have their work cut out for them. School bullying isn't isolated to the UK. The US Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services have both launched anti-bullying campaigns. Bullying is an even larger problem in Japan, where the country's social system of sempai-kouhai (senior-junior) relationships is often perceived as a license to bully. According to the Bullying Institute (bet you didn't know that existed!), the problem is so severe that it extends well into adulthood, with Japanese firms resorting to bully tactics when they need to trim their work force.

Best of luck to Mr. Berry. My own childhood experiences tell me he's going to need it.


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