Lileks laments Baby Bratz

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Baby Bratz - ughPolitical commentator and frequent daddy-blogger James Lileks wrote a ditty yesterday about Bratz, the creepy coochie-mama dools who look like they're either headed to the Britney Spears concert or are preparing to troll the street for new clients. As if the Bratz weren't bad enough, however, Lileks informs us that "the hooker-in-training dolls have children". In classic Lileks fashion, he takes apart the TV ad copy that announces, "They're keeping it real in the crib". "What exactly is the penalty for failing to keep it real in the crib? Someone busts a cap in yo Pamper? I know I am old and so out of step it's a wonder I don't just appear as an indistinct smear, but was it really necessary to push the Age of Sultry Hussyism down to the infant stage?"

You may not agree with Lileks on political issues, but few parents will deny he's spot on with this one. What baby needs painted fingers and toe nails, and a bottle on a bling chain? And is that a thong diaper? MGA Entertainment has crossed the (already thin) line from creepy exploitation to blatant child pornography. I'll fall asleep tonight praying that there's a Chapter 7 filing in this company's future.

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