Is attachment parenting a religion?

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Start-Up DadThat's the view of Start-Up Dad, who urges parents to chill out when it comes to their choice of parenting methods. He particularly has some harsh words for attachment parenting and the Ferber method. "Attachment parenting," he writes, "believes anything that might inconvenience the child constitutes child abuse and will make your child grow up feeling unloved, eventually leading to his/her committing grave acts of violence in a bid for attention."

Which is an unfair description. While there are some AP parents who enact AP in this fashion, they're not the majority. Start-Up Dad might have done better picking on Taking Children Seriously, or TCS, which argues explicitly that a parent should never impose his or her own will upon a child. You would never see a TCS advocate write a book about discipline, for example, like Dr. William Sears did.

Still, Start-Up Dad has some sound advice when he encourages people to follow their instincts. "[J] ust like religion and politics, you can't really fake it. Either you are a coldhearted disciplinarian, or you're a weak-willed love-dovey — that was decided long before you had your kid." In other words: play to your strengths, pops.

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