Nursing clothes and baby sling patterns for moms on a budget

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When I was a new nursing mom, I coveted nursing clothing, but like many other young stay-at-home moms on a budget, I could not afford to buy them ready made. However, I was also not a confident sewer. Then, and I don't even remember how I came across this, I found Started years ago by nursing mothers, Elizabeth Lee designs offers nursing patterns for dresses, tops, skirts, beautiful nightgowns, swimming suits, children's clothing, and baby slings! The company also contracts out assignments to sewers if you really don't feel confident about your sewing, and they have a great newsletter too, which offers much more than sewing tips. The newsletter offers articles about attachment parenting, nursing babies, nursing toddlers, etc.

So, if you are a mom who likes to sew, or a mom on a budget, or simply a mom who would like to make her own baby slings or nursing clothing, go check out this mom-run business and see if they have anything you can use! Believe me, the patterns are easy to use, and labeled according to beginner and advanced. I was even able to design my own nursing night T-shirt. And if I can make my own nursing shirts? Anybody can.

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