Chrysler CEO's wife subject of underage drinking scandal

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zetscheGisele Zetsche, wife of Chrysler Group CEO Dieter Zetsche, is in hot water after serving beer to several underage teens at her Bloomfield Township home in June. The party was attended by one hundred teens; Gisela was present but her husband was not. Police responding to a noise complaint, and charged her with allowing minors to drink. According to witnesses this is not the first party hosted at the Zetsche home with alcohol provided to minors. In April 2004 an after-prom party was attended by several hundred students and lasted until 4 a.m. In Germany, where the Zetsche's are from originally, the legal drinking age is 16. Dieter Zetsche is unavailable for comment. "I think it's adequate that you talked with the public relations department (of Chrysler)," he said from the front door of his home. "Let's just leave it at that, OK?" Several parents of the 21 teens cited for underage drinking at the June party said they were upset with Mrs. Zetsche for allowing it to happen. These parties are not entirely new, as Jay Allen reported in April, but police in Bloomfield Township are, according to Chief of Police Jeffrey Warner, paying more attention to the issue as it's a "serious offense." Perhaps the Zetsche's need to read "How to be a cool yet responsible parent"?

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