G Diapers offer alternative to cloth and disposables

g diapersWe've used cloth diapers since my son was about a month old. There were a few weeks in the beginning that his small size and our sleep-deprived brains led us to worship the geniuses who created Pampers Swaddlers (and our hospital for sending us home with a whole pack). Since then we've invested our money in diaper wraps and a cloth diaper service. We're in too deep to go back, but if we were to leave the cloth diapering way of life, G Diapers would be next on my list.

G Diapers are diapers with a flushable inside, and a cloth outside. The system involves outer shell, similar to a diaper wrap, an absorbent flushable insert, and a nylon snap-in liner. The whole ensemble comes with a "swishstick" for breaking up the disposable insert in the toilet. If you can deal with handling the pouch that absorbs the baby waste (you have to tear it open before it goes in the toilet), you'll have the benefit of not having a smelly diaper pail or smelly garbage sitting around. The site does have a warning, however: "Do not flush down non-standard, tree infested, or faulting plumbing toilets." A starter kit (2 pants, 10 flushables) runs $24.99. If any of you have ever used this system, I'd love to hear how it worked for you.

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