Hurricane Katrina inspires videos on emergency baby-wearing

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wear your baby in an emergency

Have a shirt? Big pair of jeans? Beach towel or small sheet? Then you can wear your baby or toddler in a disaster. The moms at The Mamatoto Project have loved ones whose homes have been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. So they've posted Quicktime videos on how to tie your baby on securely if you have to clambor over and around rubble with your child. I've used a beach towel as a baby carrier for a less disastrous emergency, and it worked great as a sling, as well. Even if you're not in the middle of a hurricane, these are good videos to watch - you never know when you may need to get your child out of harm's way with any available piece of fabric. As it's posted on the main page, here are the video links to pants, shirt, and towel. [Thanks Chris!]

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