Britney Spears says impending parenthood is 'mind-blowing'

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Britney ElleBritney Spears will be talking about her pregnancy, impending new motherhood and her marriage in the October issue of Elle. In her first interview while pregnant, Britney talks about her pregnancy and the choice to put her career on hold. She believes marriage and motherhood are "going to help me not be influenced so much [by the expectations of others]." She also says she suspects the baby is a boy and hopes to have a c-section (which we reported earlier) because she doesn't "want to go through the pain. My mom said giving birth was the most excruciating thing she's ever gone through in her life."
Sarah Gilbert and I have a bit of a running joke about how even Britney Spears has feelings and we have to remember that and be kind. But I'm struggling here. She doesn't want to "go through the pain"? Did she understand where babies come from? Did she realize childbirth is physically painful (cesarean or vaginal) but the part where you let your heart run around all vulnerable outside of your body for the rest of your lifetime can be pretty excruciating at times. When she finds a way around that part of motherhood, I hope she'll let me know.

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