Wisdom teeth can cause pregnancy problems, says study

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Wisdom teeth

What can possibly be the relationship between wisdom teeth and pregnancy, you might ask? I wondered the same thing myself when I saw this article headline. it appears that a study in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of 254 dental patients in their 20s found that 60 percent of patients who had not had their wisdom teeth extracted were in the early stages of developing gum disease. A similar study of 1,020 pregnant women found that those who had never had their wisdom teeth extracted were more than half as likely as other women to have premature births. From these studies, researchers have concluded that the effects of gum disease on pregnancy bear resemblance to the effects of smoking. How's that for motivation to brush thrice daily?

Another study earlier this year implied that periodontal problems could lead to preeclampsia, the most common malady of pregnant women in the Western world.


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