Open letter to Nick Jr and its licensees: Diego! Dora for boys!

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Nick Jr. marketing executives and brand managers
Licensees of Nick Jr. brands

and All those who value sanity in an insane world

Dears Sirs and Madams (who must all be childless, or you'd know better for sure):

Thank you for bringing Dora the Explorer, her cousin, Diego, and their friends and family, Boots and Swiper in particular, into the world. You have given our toddlers and preschoolers hours of joy, worlds of imaginary friends, and dozens of Spanish words. You have given we parents a few hours of sanity every day while our children watched your blessed show, which has a spiralling effect that we can't possible quantify. For all this, we thank you.


But, our little boys want to wear t-shirts, and running shoes, and underwear, and diapers, and socks, and those magical backpacks, depicting their favorite friend. Yes, we'd like Diego on clothes. We'd also like Boots, Swiper and (yes! a little girl - I am not kidding!) DORA on clothes. Dora underwear for boys. You think it sounds crazy? Well, try explaining to your manly man of a husband why you brought home pink girl's underwear for your darling little metrosexual. So few of us have the fortitude.

It?s not only that. We?d like all your products to identify less with the gender of the star and more with the attitude of your program. Your shows are not ?girls? shows? and ?boys? shows.? Boys watch Dora. Girls watch Diego. It is not right for you to force little children into camps of gender identity so young. In fact, they refuse to be forced. So instead of making frilly girly shirts with Dora and Boots on the front, and violent-looking black shirts sporting Diego?s manly mug, can you please make ordinary t-shirts, in white, and grey, and red, and blue, that ANYONE could wear? Dora, Diego, Boots, Isa, Tico, Swiper, Benny, Alicia, Backpack, Rescue Pack, Click, Map? they?re not statements of gender identification. They?re animated characters that anyone - boy, girl, mom, dad - can, and should be able to, love.

And while you?re at it, give us some Diego halloween costumes - or at the very least, some safari vests and orange rescue packs in preschool sizes - immediately.

We expect that this issue will be addressed as soon as practicable. We are standing by, debit cards at the ready. We really cannot continue like this much longer. We have Halloween, and potty training, and preschool, and our very sanity, to think of.

We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached everywhere toddlers and preschoolers shop for clothing, in every living room blessed with basic cable, on your web site, trolling eBay.


Parents Everywhere, especially, HERE.

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