Homemade sling takes Manhattan by storm

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larissas slingWhen I emailed my friend Larissa explaining to her that I had developed a concept for an integrated sling/jacket while in the shower the morning before I planned to fly to New York (it was going to be made from the yummiest tweedy suiting fabric), she was quick to offer her sling. It had the considerable benefit of already having been made. So eight hours before my flight was scheduled to leave, I took her up on her offer.

The sling, made of simple, fruity cotton brocade and lined with birthday cake print, was a straightforward design. It's essentially a rectangle of fabric with long bands sewn to the top and bottom. Tie the bottom around your waist, insert child, wrap the top bands over your shoulders, crossed, then tied under your baby's bottom. It's great for walking around Manhattan (and got lots of oohs and ahhs even when Truman's face was all covered up), it allows me to blog and take meeting notes while Truman happily licks my nametag, I can even breastfeed with relative ease and discretion. For flexibility, it's better than the Snugli, and for baby coverage, it's better than the Hipster. It distributes the weight well. All in all - my highest marks yet for a sling for an older baby.

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