Decorating kids rooms: I hate the color my son MUST HAVE

plochman's mustardWe're in the midst of painting a few rooms in our house and my son would like a new color on his walls. His favorite color is yellow and he would like his room to be painted yellow. I like yellow, my bedroom is painted yellow.

The problem is my idea of a lovely yellow is not the same as my son's jarring version of yellow. His yellow is this:

wow yellow!

My yellow is this, which I realize looks beige, but trust me on the wall it reads yellow when it?s on the walls. Max, I mean it, why don?t you trust your mother?

more like it

So my dilemna is, how do I live with what Max wants and what I can live with. I can not live with lemonade walls. Or Plochman?s walls for that matter. I?m open to suggestions, how do I satisfy my little boys desire for yellow without sacrificing good taste in the process? Don?t say bedding because I?m not buying Plochman?s yellow bedding for my son. Not doing it.

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