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Rosemarie SigginsNormally, my husband doesn't allow me to watch the Discovery Health channel.  This is because I usually ask him questions like "Do you think the dogs would raise Arthur if we died?" and "Do you think Arthur is his own twin?" after I watch a couple of programs.  I don't think he regrets letting me watch "Woman with Half a Body," which broadcast on Friday night and will be on again on Wednesday night. 

It's the story of Rosemarie Siggins, who was born with a genetic condition that caused deformities in her legs and had to have them amputated at a young age. (She gets around by "walking" with her arms or using a skateboard.)  She married her husband in 1999. When she became pregnant, doctors told her she should abort him, as no one with sacral agenesis had ever given birth to a baby. She chose not to terminate the pregnancy, and her son was born without any defects.   

The documentary shows, among other things, how she taught her son how to ice skate by attaching blades onto one of her old skateboards, and how she addresses the kids who make fun of her son because his mother doesn't have legs.  Siggins seems like a wonderful mom, and it's a program that's well worth watching.

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