Prediction: the 'hot' baby names of 2010

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I hang with a pretty hip crowd. Or at least, I'm going to believe that for the purposes of this post. And I've been paying keen attention to the parenting trends around me. The most important aspect of parenting of all is, of course, the name you select for your baby. And I've been watching.

My dear friend just birthed a baby she and her husband named "Eve Charlotte," and she's not the first "Charlotte" among my dear friends - more like, the third. And it's even a name I considered when it was still possible Truman might be a girl. "Milo" is, likewise, taking the hip parenting world by storm. There are two "Milo"s and one "Mila" (pronounced "mee-la") in Everett's preschool - that's out of about 25 students overall.

So you heard it here first. The number one baby names of 2010: "Milo" for boys, "Charlotte" for girls.

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