Blogging Baby Round Table: tell us your working mama stories

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mom staying at home with baby

If you read Linda Hirshman's piece on how college-educated women who stay at home (even part-time) are destroying feminism, or my take on it, and think that your story deserves its place in the databanks alongside those 35 women Hirshman found from the Sunday Styles Weddings section of the New York Times, well, we agree. Over the next weeks we'll be featuring a profile of one of our readers every day.

We'd like to talk to moms mostly, as after all this piece is about feminism, but we'll profile a few dads and the childcare choices they've made, if their stories seem to fit the narrative. We're looking for both those that chose to stay at home, and those who didn't - and college-educated to fit Hirshman's definition of "elite." Leave a comment here or send a tip to us and I'll contact you further with some questions.

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