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nemo and his dad - who needs mom?You realize this, don't you? Walt Disney must have a problem with mothers. Start naming classic Disney movies and you'll realize… mom is not a popular character. Evil step-mom? Check. Sorrowful daddy? Check. But mom is nowhere to be found; she's often killed, and often in the opening scenes. Here are the shiniest examples of the Disney mom massacre:

  1. Bambi. This sweet woodland tale is really a horror story about the dangers of hunting and fire - and Bambi's mom makes the ultimate sacrifice as the movie begins. I could never watch this movie as a child and still won't.

  2. Sleeping Beauty/Cinderella/Beauty and the Beast. Well, the stories aren't Disney's fault. But the dead mom plot device is played, in each example, to maximum effect. Were there no fairy tales with living moms?

  3. Finding Nemo. Nemo's mom is killed, along with all his brothers and sisters, in the opening scene. And moms everywhere skip past it before replaying the movie yet again. Thank God for DVDs.

  4. Chicken Little. As Kimberly from DotMoms noted, this latest offering from Disney fits the bill with a dead mom. (and I began composing this post before I saw Kimberly's discussion of the topic - must be something in the ethernet.)

  5. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Guess what happens in the first scene of the movie? Do you think the mom dies? You're right.

  6. Brother Bear. It may not be a Disney classic, says one reviewer, but sure enough, the mom dies - this time, at the hands of the hunters who befriend little Koda. Poor thing.

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