Four-year-old denied Santa visit

girl who wanted to see santa

When Maria Grigorian took her four-year-old daughter Michele to a mall in Massachusetts to see Santa, she was told that she would have to pay for a photo package before seeing Santa. Grigorian, a single mom, said she didn't have the money for a photo and the staff told her that Michele would not be allowed to sit on Santa's lap. Grigorian and her daughter left, the 4-year-old in tears. "I was heartbroken, totally heartbroken," Grigorian told her local news station, after seeing her daughter so upset.

The mall has since issued an apology, stating that their policy says that kids are always welcome to sit on Santa's lap for free. I'm glad to see this is in the news. I've always thought the mall Santa thing was kind of a racket. If most malls technically have a policy that kids can sit with Santa for free, without getting a photo, they sure don't make it known to parents. [Thanks to Eden for the news tip.]

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