Searching for the perfect sippy cup

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avent sippy cup

When I bought my son's first sippy cup last year, I had no idea which one to choose. As I have said before, the wall of feeding implements at Babies R Us can be very overwhelming. In the end I bought two kinds of sippy cups, Gerber's Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill-proof Cup and Avent's Magic Trainer Cup.

The Avent cup had a few problems. First, there were lots of pieces to it (which would eventually be its downfall because I lost one of the pieces), and second, the plastic "sippy" part started to smell like the dishwasher after awhile. The Gerber cup seemed to be the champion so I bought a few more. Now, after a year of using (and abusing) these cups, they're starting to be less effective. My son has perfected the art of banging/throwing his cup down so that the spill proof valve falls out. And then we have a not-at-all-spill-proof problem.

So I'm asking you dear readers, because you always have a wealth of information. Have you found the perfect sippy cup? The one that your kid likes and is also reasonably spill-proof? Please share!

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