Christmas wish list: Kid-sized yoga mat

dharmakids yoga mat

When we were visiting my in-laws last month, there was the question of where my son would take his naps during the day. The beds were too high for me to feel safe leaving him alone, and he has a sixth sense that causes him to wake up and cry if someone tries to put him down in a Pack N Play (not that we even brought it with us). My mother-in-law came up with the perfect solution: a yoga mat.

I chose the DharmaKids Yoga Mat here because it's the smaller version of the mat my son napped on. It's padded, definitely soft enough to place on a floor (even hardwood) at nap time. The kids' mats come in blue or purple, or a glow in the dark starry night pattern. It rolls up like a sleeping bag (but is less bulky) and has detachable ties to get rid of possible strangulation hazards. I happen to know that my son is getting the starry night mat for Christmas from his grandma, and I think this will be the perfect solution for napping when we're at someone's house, and even for when we're at home.


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