Tips for divorced parents during the holidays

Christmas gifts

Holidays can be stressful for kids of divorced parents. The Today Show's Dr. Ruth Peters offers tips to divorced parents on how to keep the holidays focused on family and make them as smooth as possible for kids. Many of the tips seem obvious, like staying civil if you are on bad terms with your ex-spouse and trying to keep the tension out of family gatherings. She also reminds parents to respect the other's religious beliefs.

Peters recommends planning holiday activities well in advance, and sticking to prearranged plans, especially when it involves kids spending time with one side of the family and then the other. Coordinating gifts is also a good idea so that there is a balance, and not a competition, between each parent's gifts to the children. With newly divorced families, she suggests starting new holiday traditions to make it different, yet still fun. Most of all, parents—divorced or married—should remember that kids most appreciate attention and time shared during the holidays.


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