Pictures with Santa: Not my son's idea of a good time

linus with santa

I should have called this post "I paid 20 bucks for a picture of my son crying." I took my 18-month-old son to see Santa today at a local mall. We were one of the first in line, and I made sure my son could see the two little girls in front of us sitting on Santa's lap so that he would see it wasn't scary. Unfortunately one of the little girls (I'd guess she was about my son's age) cried through the whole thing. My son still seemed to think this was all very interesting and enjoyed watching the little animatronics toy the photographer had to make kids smile. 

Well. Then it was our turn. We went up to Santa, said hi for a few moments and then I put my son down on Santa's lap. Instant waterworks. My son was Not Happy At All with this situation. I was literally two feet away but he continued to cry. The photographer, the assistant, Santa, the animatronics toy and I all tried to get him to smile (or at least, stop crying). But I gave up after they took a few photos. Even if he had eventually started smiling, it would have still been a photo of tears streaming down his cheeks.

Lest you think that this mall was as grinchy as the one we told you about a few weeks ago, I?m pretty sure they would not have cared if I had said no thanks to the photos they took at that point. But, honestly, I thought they were pretty funny. And I think we?ll laugh when we look back in the baby book and see this photo of him because it will remind us of this time in his life.

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