SippySnacker makes for mobile snack time

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The other day while checking out some of the sippy cup offerings at Babies "R" Us, I came across the Gerber SippySnacker. It's a sippy cup and snack holder that snaps together to create one handy accessory. I thought I'd give it a try, because my evening commutes now involve taking a toddler on the bus, and anything that can make the trip easier would be fine by me. I have been using the Snack-Trap, which works great, but can be a little messy (thanks to my son).

We gave the SippySnacker a try today during my many various errands. It was handy to have the snack and drink in one place, so I could just throw it in the stroller and go. My son also seemed to think it was a pretty neat contraption. I have a few issues with the SippySnacker, however. One is, as I've mentioned before, Gerber sippy cups tend to be a little leakier than the rest. Not a big deal, as long as it's upright. The other is that it's not super easy to get the two pieces apart and then back together again. Especially if you only have one hand free. The biggest complaint I have though is that the snack portion opening is too small for my son to reach in to get the snack, so I either have to help him pour the food out or he just shakes it all over the place and makes a mess. The small opening also makes it impossible to put bigger snacks inside (we're fans of the Veggie Booty).

We'll keep using the SippySnacker, but I'll probably always reach for the Snack-Trap first. My son can work the Snack-Trap himself, and that is really handy when you're doing things like grocery shopping.


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