Christmas wish list: Disney personal DVD player

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Disney Personal DVD Player

I was torn between making this an "over-the-top" gift or a wish list gift. But then I decided that if I were about 10 -years old and I heard about these cool personal DVD players from Disney, I would be begging my parents for one. And, as electronics go, this one is not so pricey, retailing for about $139. These gadgets have a 3.5" screen and can be used to watch DVDs or listen to CDs. There four different themed players: princess, flowers, Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse comics.

There are lots of other portable DVD players out there, not to mention the video iPod, but this product seems to be aimed at the elementary-school crowd. I can only hope that they've built these personal DVD players as durable as possible (and hopefully scratch-, water-, and crayon-resistant!).


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