50 Cent's parenting criticized. Parents everywhere SHOCKED, I tell you

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50 Cent - he seems like such a virtuous, well-mannered human being. How could anyone accuse him of bad parenting? But someone has done the unthinkable and (yes, it's true) accused him of being a terrible parent.

According to Starpulse, the rapper lets his nine-year-old son play violent video games, watch rated "R" movies, and even found him looking at porn on the 'net (although no one says what daddy Cent did when he caught his son surfin' for flesh), It's all good, insists the rapper, because he hangs out with his son and turns the volume down on the video games so as not to hear the swearing so loudly. They watch the movies together too, he says, "so I can explain what he's seeing. Now, if you leave him by himself, he's going to assume the wrong thing."

Recently, 50 Cent was in the news for promoting explicit video games for kids. Now we know - just turn the volume down, moms & dads!

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