You know you're the parent of a toddler when . . .

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everett and his tongueThe Sarcastic Journalist provides that Winter Solstice inspiration I needed (oh, how I hate these short, short days!): You know you're the parent of a toddler when...
  • "You clap anytime someone goes potty." - SJ
  • "You have had to say “Do not hit mommy in the face with the hammer.”" - SJ
  • "Sometimes it is easier to agree that yes, the dog does say “moo.” - SJ
  • "Don’t make fun of your sister. Don’t sit on your brother. Ok, that’s it!! Sit down and hold hands until you can be nice and love each other!!" - Crystal
  • You find yourself saying more than four times a day, "Please do not drop your brother on his head." -  me
  • You're inordinately pleased about the progress when someone's diet consists of nothing but peanut butter, apples and snow. - me
  • You forget that the correct pronunciation isn't actually "hangurber." - me

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