Abortion supporter wants fathers to have financial "abortion" rights

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Meghan DaumHere's an interesting op-ed, no matter on which side of the abortion debate you fall. Meghan Daum cites a recent New York Times op-ed by Dalton Conley in which the pundit argues that men should have a say in deciding whether or not a woman should have an abortion. (Yeah, the NYT forces you to pay for Conley's writing. How much does THAT suck?) Rather than rebuking Conley for his position, Daum - who supports "legal and relatively unrestricted" access to abortion - asks why men shouldn't be given the right during the first trimester of pregnancy to terminate all legal and financial obligations to the fetus they helped create. A father remains%uFFFD liable for a child no matter what - a choice that impacts his life, both in terms of finances and time, for the next 19 years. As Daum puts it, "just as women should not be punished for choosing to terminate a pregnancy, men should not be punished when those women choose not to."

I'm not too warm to Conley's notion that a man can force a woman to continue incubating life. But Daum's idea, while problematic in a few areas, sounds more than reasonable. Why shouldn't potential dads be on equal footing when it comes to deciding whether to be responsible for a life after coitus?

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