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butter and pregnancy go together like...Once upon a time pregnant women ate anything they liked. Then came the late 70s, when many women were advised to gain no more than 15 pounds. It would be so hard to lose it!

Luckily, we as a society, and the medical profession, came around and suggested the more reasonable 25-35 pounds of weight gain as a goal. But the guilt over weight gain was never lifted, and every time a mama-to-be steps onto the scale in the doctor's office, she thinks to herself, ok, here goes. Exactly how much have those seventeen pints of ice cream affected my pace against the goal?

That guilt is not lost on pregnant hottie the Sarcastic Journalist. And despite her tiny 20-pound weight gain in 33.5 weeks, she's still being judged - JUDGED! - by her (I'm sure well-meaning) husband. She has a hilariously funny post about her craving for cherry cobbler - which she had to have, for altruistic purposes. "See, we have vanilla ice cream. Of course, the reason we have vanilla ice cream is because he had to buy some yesterday so I could make a coke float, but that’s totally off subject. So we have vanilla ice cream and I don’t want it to get all icy and yucky... I’m doing the ice cream a favor by making cherry cobbler." So she's baking, and she needs butter. In my opinion? No pregnant woman should be denied her butter.


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