Ob/Gyns in New Jersey increasingly pregnancy care, delivery from services

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sculptureHere's a sobering article from the folks at NorthJersey.com about a disturbing trend among obstetrician/gynecologists to drop obstetrics from their practices. The factors include the rising cost of malpractice insurance, which in New Jersey can climb as high as $144,000 for a year's worth of premiums. Ouch. The doctor interviewed for the article, Ruth Schulze, was paying $51,349 before dropping obstetrics; since then, her rates have fallen to $16,214.

So far, no remedies have worked to stave off the crisis. Schulze led a movement of physicians who sought to cap malpractice awards to $250,000; not surprisingly, they failed to gain popular support. And a state-sponsored malpractice subsidy of around $11,000 has only been accepted by half of the state's ob/gyns. If something isn't done shortly, New Jersey could find itself bereft of ob/gyns in the near future.

I would chide the politicians, doctors, and insurance companies for not devising a solution, but I don't have many bright ideas myself.

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