Shopping meltdowns, part of every parent's holiday landscape

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After I wrote about my holiday shopping experience - the Christmas spirit was everywhere!, now, with meltdowns! - I went surfing around some new-to-me parenting blogs. I was particularly impressed with this post from The View From Crazy. Her two-year-old's meltdown happened at Target, and her fellow shoppers were completely unhelpful.

"It was like the red sea of shoppers - people parted to my left and right -- anything, anything! to get this child out of earshot - i got the usual dirty looks (cut your losses, lady), sympathetic chuckles from older women (as if someday, in some memory, this might be construed as anything other than the ninth ring of hell) and I generally hauled ass to get the flock out of the store as quickly as possible."

Most amazing, though, was the near-immediate silence once safely ensconced in the family car. "It is as if they sense the moment to inflict complete & total humiliation has passed and they have successful beaten back the spawn of satan's attempt to momentarily possess their bodies," she writes, and my body of meltdown experience certainly agrees. Here's hoping your exorcisms take place before you even reach the checkout counter today.


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