Christmas Retrospective: Hit gifts in the Summers domicile

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After quite a few overwhelming Christmas's, my husband and I decided to reign things in and set a reasonable limit on the amount of things we bought for the kids this year. With the toy limit, I really needed the toys we chose for the kids to be worthwhile and fun. I think we succeeded and our house isn't that packed full of new toys to find space for. (We had a toy limit, but Gramma and the childless aunts and uncles didn't.)

For Madison, my seven year old, I think the big hit was the Whirl Around Playground from the Littlest Pet Shop. She was also incredibly pleased to get a set of "real artist markers", the set from Fibracolor I noted from a New York Times gift guide.

For Max, my four year old, we went with trucks. Very pricey Bruder trucks. Thankfully we have a connection so they didn't cost *as* much. The Jeep was met with glee but the Crane has not left our son's hands since he opened it.

Finally, a toy we've all really loved is the Lite Brite FX Flash Art toy. It's pretty fun, but I'm currently weaning myself off Lexapro and the spinning and strobe lights are a little disturbing in my fragile state. But the kids can do it together and they don't fight. Everyone's a winner even if mom has a seizure.

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