Infertile searchers looking for God, reports blogger

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no uterus for rentPersephone, who's newly pregnant after infertility struggles and a successful round with IVF, has been keeping track of the search terms used to find her blog in 2005. "Somebody out there's writing a very odd poem," she wrote, after having found that three searchers were looking for rhymes for "pregnant," "soy milk" and "calcium." She bans the use of the term "uterus for rent" from her blog forever. And she wonders how to get a "kosher ivf" - could it just be blessed by a rabbi?

Lots of infertile searchers were looking for some religion, specifically, Judaism. Worried about "mikvah checking excessive"? You'll want to start with Mayim Rabim's website. You want "shuls near cornell hospital during ivf"? Persephone points you toward these contact numbers. Now that's specialized knowledge.


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