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What did my darling 16-month-old get for Christmas? Pink-eye. Literally. She was exposed to the conjunctivitis virus about 3 days before the holiday weekend. We crossed our fingers that she wouldn't get it, but we weren't so lucky. Midway through our drive down I-5 to San Francisco (we moved this weekend) she started looking goopy.  How timely then, to receive a hot tip on the Blogging Baby tipline from Robert Lattman, MD, author of the Conjuctivitis (pink-eye) blog. The blog provides "up-to-date medical information on conjunctivitis and includes a special section on diagnostic advances and recently FDA-approved point of care medical devices."

A phone call in to our doctor yielded advice to ride it out and let it clear up on its own. Since my toddler has a cold as well, it is likely viral, she said. Drops or expressed breast milk might help, but according to the doctor, that just makes everyone "feel like they are doing something." We are keeping our sad-looking little pink one away from friends until she is better. Everyone is washing their hands like crazy....and praying that our three-year-old doesn't get it.

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