Parenting New Year's Eve Resolutions: what are yours?

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While surfing the web looking for ideas for good New Year's resolutions related to parenting, I came across this article.  It was written last year by a nonparent (and one who had "no New Year's resolutions inclined in that direction") who felt that because she was child-free, she felt she could provide an unbiased view of how people should raise their kids.

In reading the list, clearly her parenting inexperience showed:  her comment that  "children that are heard more than they are seen can be seriously annoying" (thus implying that parents should ensure this never happens) could only be given by someone who hasn't had intimate experience dealing with a recalcitrant toddler.  She does, however, make some valid points.  Ones which resonated with me included:

"Teach your child to be respectful of other people, races, and cultures by practicing such respect yourself";

"Don't let the food fad experts into your house. Your three year old should eat the apple, not give a learned discourse on how many calories it contains"; and my personal favourite,

"Don't EVER send your children to any art classes where they are required to color inside the lines. Art is about exploring and expanding individuality, not trammeling it."

How about you?  Do you have any parenting new year's resolutions that should be shared?

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