RedEnvelope's Traveller's Paint Kit encourages your child's artistic resolutions

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Is your child a budding artist?  When I was a teenager, I had a close friend who was a gifted artist.  She was also insatiable when it came to exercising her craft -- she'd sketch on napkins, she'd draw on scraps of paper -- she was constantly making art.  It was all beautiful, but it was also all over the place.  I shudder to think how many beautiful pieces she did that would become lost forever.

If your teenager has similar inclinations, you can help any creativity-related new year's resolutions she might have (and help keep them all in one place) by giving her this cool Traveler Paint Kit.  From, this great little suede carry-all comes with a water colour pad, premium set of watercolours by Yarka, and four brushes (all replaceable by visiting your local art supply store).  Thrown in her backpack, she'll be ready to make like Picasso at a moment's notice.  All for US$35.

Unfortunately, RedEnvelope doesn't ship internationally.  I SO wish they'd change that.

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