U.S. soldiers find ailing Iraqi baby, send her to Georgia for treatment

An Iraqi baby girl born with a life-threatening birth defect is now receiving medical treatment in Georgia after U.S. soldiers found her when they conducted a raid on her family's home.

Three-month-old Noor was born with spina bifida, a neural tube defect that leaves a hole in the spine and exposes the spinal cord. She was found when U.S.soldiers from the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Brigade Combat Team searched the home of Noor's family looking for insurgents. Noor's grandmother showed them the baby's back, which had a purlpe sac protruding from it - a common result of the most severe form of spina bifida. Doctors in Iraq had told her parents that Noor only had about 45 days to live.

One of the soldiers, Lt. Jeff Morgan, who found Noor told CNN that she made him think of his family at home, particularly his young daughter: "So my heart just kind of went out to this baby and these parents who ... were living in poverty and had no means to help their baby." The troops continued to visit the family at night so insurgents would not see them and retaliate against the family for speaking with Americans.

Noor arrived at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Saturday with her dad and grandmother after Childspring International, children's medical charity, arranged the trip. Doctors will work to close the hole in her spine to prevent infection such as meningitis.

I hope the New Year brings a good health to Noor.

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