Blogging Baby Sleepover: Monday January 2nd

Welcome to 2006! I was excited to talk about the New Year and where I've been over the last year, but it seems most of my reads around the internet are avoiding the discussion.

  • Flea at One Good Thing has lost her internet connection for a few days (and I feel that pain because I lost my connection for nearly two weeks at this time last year).
  • Amy at Blissfully Bitchy is actually thinking about the New Year so I take back what I said. Things are a little scary (her husband lost his job before the holidays but is interviewing like crazy), but having him home to play "The Hot Nanny I am Totally Doing" is the silver lining. I know the feeling, she said as her husband heads back to work after two weeks off.
  • Xiobahn at All About The X has a little boy who got very sick over the holidays. He had a bad reaction to the amoxicillan he was given and broke out in hives which make my uterus cry for all the babies in the world who have suffered. Nonetheless, Xiobahn is very sympathetic to her little boys suffering but let's all remember how we all need sleep. They're re-Ferberizing and empathizing with their hive covered little boy.
  • Jo at Secret Agent Josephine welcomed the year of her daughter's birth by going to the bathroom. Hello, she's pregnant, it's a required you pee every hour on the hour.

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