Is the Cocktail Party Playgroup new?

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I've been having the occasional Bloody Mary playgroup since my daughter was three (she's seven now) and now I have a group of friends I meet with at least once a week and we share a drink or two and talk, while intercepting leaky sippy cups and dirty diapers.

It's become such a part of my life I was tickled when I read this piece from Access Atlanta almost incredulously telling of her friends who have happy hour playgroups. GASP! Mothers who indulge in alcohol? It just can't be!

But really I also love this type of story because it gives mothers the freedom to break out of the plastic faux-smile world of cookies and tea playdates they feel trapped into and feel more like regular people who happen to have bred. And no, alcohol doesn't have to be a part of that, but playdates don't have to fit into a preconceived notion of 'Motherhood' either.


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