Mally Leather Baby Bib -- why didn't someone come up with this sooner?

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When my daughter was younger and bibs were a necessity, I used to go through the things like toilet paper.  Nothing like strained carrots or squash to completely ruin a bib -- and let's face it, even though you know the bib is fresh out of the wash, that nasty orange stain isn't going to win you any Perfect Parent Points with the inlaws.

So why didn't someone tell me about these sooner?  Introducing the Mally bib, a bib made of 100% baby-safe, washable leather.  Not only do the standard stain-inducing baby messes wash clean from these puppies, but get this:  they're reversible, and have a magnetic clasp which not only attach the bib securely to baby, but enables the bib to stick on the fridge to be ready at a moment's notice.  How cool is that?

At US$ 30.95 each, this bib isn't cheap -- but I know I spent at least that on countless bibs as Alex was growing up, and unlike those, the seller promises these'll last.  I'm so buying this for my next baby shower gift.

From PhotoBugBaby Boutique.  There are over 30 designs to choose from, and shipping to the United States and Canada available.

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