Familymooning: Honeymooning, with children

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The Familymoon"Familymooning". Sounds almost obscene, doesn't it ? Like something your kids would do to strangers out the back window while you're zooming down Interstate 5. But no. The "familymoon" is a variation on the babymoon, which we covered earlier this year. In babymooning, expecting couples get in one last night of kid-free whoopee prior to birth. In the familymoon, however, remarried couples who already have children bring their broods along for the post-wedding celebration. Practitioners of familymooning say it's a great way for the integrated families to bond as a new family unit. According to the article, nearly 60 percent of remarriages involving children end in divorce, making the together time of the familymoon all the more crucial.

I have to say, however, that I'm a little disturbed with this quote from Yvonne Kelly of Toronto's Step and Blended Family Institute: "There is tremendous relief for people to hear me say, 'You don't have to love these children. You just have to care for them and respect them'." As a step-parent myself, I find this appalling. It's crass and stingy. You can let parents know it's okay to feel this way - but why feed and nurture that feeling? Other step-parents might disagree with me, but I think that if you can't love your stepchildren like your own, perhaps you should reconsider your union. Marrying a person with children is a commitment to both your spouse and to the kids, and isn't one "experts" should be encouraging parents to make half-heartedly.

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