VideoNow: When will they get with the program?

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VideoNow! from HasbroYou may or may not have heard of VideoNow!, Hasbro's portable video player system. In concept, this thing is pretty cool, and I've been tempted to buy it for my kids for a while. Essentially, VideoNow! units are portable DVD players, except that they use a special disc format called Personal Video Disc (PVD). And there, my friends, lies the problem. First off, you're limited to buying only those videos that Hasbro has managed to get licensed for the PVD format - about 100 TV and movie titles, from what I last saw. Second, the PVDs are as destructible as DVDs - not the sort of things I want lying around the house.

Honestly, isn't it time VideoNow got with the program? With the advent of the Video iPod, Hasbro or a similar competitor needs to release a similar, low-cost model just for kids - one that allows me to purchase and download videos directly from the Internet on to the player. It'd be ideal if the player played with iTunes, which just announced that Disney will start offering some of its animation and live-action tween content through the service by the end of January. I'd be happy with a "limited" player that only had room for, say, 20 hours of video. That's more than enough for your average road trip!

So whaddya say, Hasbro? How about giving a geeky parenting playa some love?


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