It's a Big, Big World on PBS: A little stoned, but nonetheless lovable

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snook of the big big world on pbsThere's a new show on PBS Kids, and the verdict, so far: my three-year-old, he likes it. So much so, in fact, that he asked to watch it again once he got to the end of the half-hour.

It's a Big, Big World is set in a rainforest, with lots of very large, happy-go-lucky puppets. Think Between The Lions, in Panama, but with a little bit of pot thrown in for good measure. Snook, a large tree sloth, is the host and he has an assortment of friendly rainforest dwellers backing him up (marmosets, a bird, an anteater, a monkey, an of course, an "ancient she-turtle with the map of the world on her back"). It was created by Mitchell Kriegman from Bear in the Big Blue House (an obvious influence stylistically) and Clarissa Explains it All (my fave children's show in years). The songs are far more melodic than the average children's show, and I'm loving Snook's voice.

All in all, we enjoyed the show immensely. And who wouldn't love a big, friendly, stoned (and "energetic") tree sloth and all his singing, dancing buddies?

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