Blogging a Baby: To sleep, perchance to dream

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I can't remember the last time I slept all night.

From the moment we brought Quin home from the hospital, I remember thinking how lucky I was that I had a good sleeper. He only woke once - at 4am every morning even when he was weeks old. The god's decided to curse my smug thoughts. At about the four month mark, he started waking earlier, which I could handle. Growth spurts, teething..totally expected. But then Quin gave us an entire week of sleeping all night - we're talking 12 hours of sleep for seven days. I was amazed at how fast my body got used to it - I was completely recharged. It didn't last - we were hit with ear infections and his entire sleep schedule went to hell.

When we were on vacation, Quin slept like an angel - waking up only once at 3:30am for a feed. Again, I thought we were back to a normal sleep routine. If he could mostly through the night sleep in a pack n' play in a random hotel, I thought he'd do great when we get back home.

Cursed again.

For the past week Quin's been waking up at night every hour and a half. His accuracy for timing is impeccable. After falling asleep at 7ish in the evening, he wakes up at 11:30pm, 1am, 2:30am, 4am, 5:30am. He wants to nurse, sometimes for a good 10 minutes, sometimes 2 minutes. It's unreal and exhausting. I do most of my writing at night - but his sleep schedule is forcing me to go to bed well before my normal bedtime. I'm also getting sick like crazy from sleep deprivation. And co-sleeping is not my thing - I want him in his own room...he's a noisy sleeper.

So now I play the game of "why the hell is my seven-and-a-half-old baby waking up at night?" Is it just a bad habit because I nurse him to sleep for his naps? He goes to sleep at bedtime on his own, so he knows how to fall asleep. Is it teething? Not a single sign of cutting a tooth. Does he just want to cuddle? Is it reverse cycling? Can't be - I work from home, am with him all day, and the kid nurses at least six times a day on top of three solid meals. He's a big eater. Is it his mattress? Is it his new-found mobility? It only I had an answer.

Tonight we try the pack n' play - if he did so well in it last week maybe it'll be another magical night of sleep for him..and me!!

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