Confessions of a stroller addict

chicco strollerWe did it again. We bought another stroller. It's the second double stroller we've purchased, and I venture to say, it won't be our last. We have to be the most dissatisfied, hard-to-please stroller consumers on the planet. In the short time that we've been parents, I'd say that at least eight different strollers have passed through our lives. We've been on the quest for the perfect stroller for three years, since the birth of our first daughter. Thing is, though? We've found it: we're in love with our Maclaren Volo. Our trusty, lightweight-yet-sturdy, umbrella stroller has served us very well for the 2.5 years we've owned it. Pity that it doesn't come in a double-stroller version. I've written letters, believe me. If Maclaren made a double Volo all of our problems would be solved.

I can't understand why all doubles need to be so friggin' heavy. And if they aren't heavy they are flimsy pieces of crap. We really liked the tandem Graco DuoGlider that we've owned for the past year and a half, but it wouldn't fit in the van when we moved recently, so we off-loaded it to a friend who is expecting her second in the spring. We still need a double stroller. Our Wallie is only 16-months-old and Bunny is 3.5-years-old and still likes to ride sometimes. And before people jump all over me telling me that I should just make my kid walk, I'm not going to force her to walk around an entire zoo or for a three-mile city hike. Plus, city kids tend to ride in strollers longer than 'burban kids, I think. We go lots of places without a car. Anyway, the DuoGlider was great but not perfect; despite it's narrow profile, it was heavy and didn't fold compactly enough for my taste.

For our second attempt we are trying out the Chicco Citta' double stroller. It's a side-by-side. Not my preference for crowded city streets, not by a longshot. But we wanted the girls to have a shot at riding next to each other (which is super-duper cute), and I found a great deal with free shipping. It arrived yesterday. I like that it's not too heavy, its handles are tall enough for my 5'9" self, it turns easily, and it folds nicely. But several times on our walk I had to swing out into the street to get around cars or giant carts of bread (???) blocking the sidewalk. And I don't think I could fit up and down the aisles of our corner store. Must. stop. researching. strollers.

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