I don't think that means... what YOU think it means

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everett is a silly futtsI'm so jealous at you! says Everett. He's upset at his babysitter for not packing his Burgerville cards in their box.

That's inconsable! he says angrily when his brother tries to eat his favorite DVD advertising insert (all the Thomas videos available from HIT Entertainment. Whee!)

I don't think that means... what you think it means, honey. It doesn't matter how many times I explain to him what, exactly, "jealous" does mean, or try to explain that "inconsable" is not a word (and figure out where he came up with it?), he sticks to his guns. He's explained that "inconsable" means about the same thing as "unconscionable" (although how a three-year-old knows a word like that, I'll never understand), but hasn't been able to tell me where it came from.

You're such a silly futts, he laughs, shaking his head at me. Well, there's no mistaking the meaning of that.

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