Baby Noor set for surgery

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From  Baby Noor, the three-month-old Iraqi child suffering from a severe case of spina bifida that Charlene Prince Birkeland told us about, is set to undergo surgery today in Atlanta, Georgia, in an effort to enclose her spinal column.

Dr. Roger Hudgins, chief of neurosurgery at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and his team are expected to complete the morning operation in about three hours.  Dr. Hudgins describes baby Noor as "such an enchanting baby."  The doctors and the hospital are donating their services.

Because of the severity of this case of spina bifida, Hudgins said Noor hasn't moved her legs, nor is it likely she will ever walk.  However, enclosing the spine will "eliminate her risk of getting life-threatening meningitis and other infections," he said.

We wish the doctors the best of luck, and hope little baby Noor has a speedy recovery.

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