Schwarzenegger & son hurt in motorcycle accident

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From  California governor Arnold Schwarznegger (previously of Terminator fame) and his 12-year-old son, Patrick, received minor injuries from a motorcycle accident that occurred near their home.  The governator apparently needed 15 stitches to repair his cut lip; however he and his son were both released from St. John's hospital after treatment.

The governor's press secretary, Margita Thompson, issued the following statement:  "The accident occurred at around 3:15 p.m. when another driver backed into a street in front of Governor Schwarzenegger as he rode his Harley-Davidson motorcycle...The governor was unable to avoid the vehicle in his path and collided with it at a low speed."

Glad they're both okay.  Of course, I'm a bit surprised...

... did that scene were the Terminator was flying down the aquaduct with John Connor on the back of his Harley as the 18-wheeler was bearing down on them teach Arnold nothing?

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